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The mission of Dixon Family Services is to improve the quality of life for all families and individuals in our diverse community. Our intervention and support services are strengthened by cooperation with the schools, churches, businesses and the community.
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There are many ways you can assist DFS in helping those in need in the community.
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Rummage Sale 10/7







The new hours at the Dixon Family Services (DFS) Thrift Store are Monday – Saturday from 10AM – 4PM. The change began on September 1. A goal of the Thrift Store Committee is to have the store open 7 days a week and to stay open longer hours. In order to do so we need more good people to volunteer. Consider these questions:


  • Are you retired and want to do some meaningful work for 2-4 hours a week?
  • Will you have teenagers at home for winter break? Some have classes that require them to perform community service hours and because we are a non-profit organization, we can sign off on those hours.
  • Does your employer support and encourage volunteerism? Some businesses will allow spending hours at a non-profit organization “on the clock” to increase community involvement.
  • Some companies will even make a financial donation as a match to the hours spent by their employees who volunteer.


Whatever your reason for volunteering is, we can use your help and appreciate it.

To get the process started you can print out the one page volunteer survey on the dixonfamilyservices.org website on the Thrift Store page. Or you can call or come to DFS and ask for the form. You can be put to work as early as next week.


On Wednesday, October 7 we are having a huge rummage sale in our parking lot and in the community room. If it rains, it will be limited to inside. Enter through the west back door. There will be lots of holiday décor, some furniture, clothing and other miscellaneous items all at rock bottom prices. Those who want to shop should come from 9AM – 2PM. Those who wish to donate can bring items on the 5th and 6th. Those who want to volunteer should show up anytime between 8Am – 3PM to do so. To get more information on how to shop, volunteer or donate to the rummage sale or to the thrift store can call 678-0442.


The Dixon Family Services Thrift Store provides advantages to our community:

  • An affordable shopping experience for the people who need to stretch every dollar;
  • A fun time for treasure hunters who may be looking for something to add to a collection or for something with good bones to re- purpose;
  • An opportunity for citizens to make a difference in the community by donating, shopping or volunteering.


If you haven’t checked us out yet, what are you waiting for? We look forward to your visit soon.


One last reminder: Please LIKE us on Facebook on the Dixon Family Services page. It’s the one with the green and black price tag.


Thank you for your continued support!

Sincerely, Cookie Powell, Dixon Family Services


Press Release September 22, 2015

Contact person: Cookie Powell, 678-0442



The replacement of turf with drought resistant landscape in mid-October is the plan.


The Dixon Family Services (DFS) building has been surrounded by 2,232 square feet of lawn at the front and north side for many years. California’s drought, along with invasive crabgrass has taken a toll on its appearance. The grass hasn’t looked very good for quite some years.

PART_1433894346226Hearing of the California Water Service Turf Replacement Rebate Program sparked a conversation between Executive Director, Cookie Powell and the DFS Board of Directors of the non-profit organization. All agreed that replacing the tattered, clumpy and browning grass with a new, colorful and water efficient landscape was a good idea.

After approval from the Board, Cookie Powell approached the City Council for permission to look into the Turf Replacement Program further. The DFS building is a City-owned building leased by the organization. With an explanation of the process and assurance the plan should not incur an expense to the City, the Council wished her and DFS well.

PART_1433894461913The application process for CA Water Turf Replacement Program included measurements, drawings, uploaded photos, plans for irrigation and landscape design. Also a list of drought tolerant/water efficient plants and other materials was required. The application was a success and once the project is completed DFS can expect an incentive of $1 per square feet of removed living turf.

Our non-profit social services organization does not have landscaping expenses in the budget so we are trying to be as frugal as possible and would appreciate any help we can get. People, businesses and/or organizations can contribute to the beautification project by pledging amounts of money that match prices of the approximately 90 plants in the plan. No donation is too small. A plant on the list donated, or the price to purchase one or several would be an excellent way to help. A suggested list of drought tolerant plants and mulch can be viewed on the Dixon Family Services website. Those interested in helping or who have nursery connections that can provide donations are encouraged to call Cookie Powell at 678-0442 or email cookie@dixonfamilyservices.org

Other ways to help include showing up with garden tools on the day turf is removed and planting takes place. The day has not been set, but the hope is for mid-October.

With support from the City and Community members this work can be done with a very low budget and feel like a true community project. The Turf Replacement at Dixon Family Services can be an example for other businesses and home owners in our area.

The drip system and water efficient landscape verses the existing sprinklers and water guzzling lawn will not only create a drought friendly environment, but will also rejuvenate and refresh the entire property and neighborhood.

Thousands of people in need of our help come to our agency each year and a fresh and colorful landscape will create a welcoming first impression. We are very excited for this opportunity and if you would like to help in any way, please call right away.

Thank you so much.